The project objective


nano-ECol – Technology transfer project

Technology and equipment for producing collagen-based nanofibrillary structures for resorbable wound dressings

The goal of the nano-Ecol project is to implement the electrospinning technology for S.C. Sanimed International Impex S.R.L., aiming at obtaining electrospun protein-based nanofibers. The main objectives to this goal are: (1) to design and build the prototype of an electrospinning system, able to overcome the difficulties commonly related to the obtaining of nanofibers starting from highly hydrophilic and easily degradable polymeric compounds, such as scleroproteins (namely, atelocollagen); (2) to develop a framework technology for the manufacture of protein-based nanostructured substrates and a particular technology/process applicable to the atelocollagen solutions produced by S.C. Sanimed International Impex S.R.L.; (c) to scale up the technology at pre-industrial level.
The implementation of this project will produce the leap from TRL4 to TRL5 on the technology maturity scale for the atelocollagen electrospinning technology, i.e. moving from a technology validated in lab, to a technology validated in relevant environment.