Project summary


nano-ECol – Technology transfer project

Technology and equipment for producing collagen-based nanofibrillary structures for resorbable wound dressings

The nano-ECol project proposal aims to develop an innovative technology and to implement a demonstrative prototype at the Technology Readiness Level TRL5, for the production of micro- and nano-fibrillar substrata usable as absorbable dressings for wounds and burns. The micro- and nano-fibers will be obtained by electrospinning, starting from colloidal solutions of atelocollagen currently manufactured at S.C. Sanimed International Impex S.R.L. In this respect, the project aims at shifting/promoting the INFIM SPIN 1.0 prototype, developed through a previous project by the National Institute of Materials Physics (INCDFM), and preliminary tested for its atelocollagen electrospinning capacity, from the TRL4 to the TRL5.
The main technological challenges faced by the nano-Ecol project are: (i) preserving atelocollagen macromolecule in a quasi-native state, (ii) providing the products reproducibility, (iii) producing substrates with an area of tens of square dm and thickness of 3 … 12 mm, (iv) providing a prototype able to work at micropilot scale, with at demand-formulated electrospun compositions, (v) providing rapid structural and dimensional prototyping, (vi) scaling-up the prototype and related technology to industrial level.
The project will benefit from the facilities and logistics of five research centers, of which two belong to Sanimed, and three to INCDFM. Services and facilities provided by all mentioned centers are detailed on the ERRIS platform.
The Sanimed co-funding represents 67.63% of the sum allocated to the company from the public budget, i.e. 25.27% of total buget, and 39.04% of the total payroll.
The expected outcomes of the project meet the Sanimed interest in expanding the range of products and addressability, by manufacturing resorbable dressings with tailored shape, structure and density, obtained from compositions formulated at physician’s request, in order to satisfy specific pacient needs.