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nano-ECol – Technology transfer project

Technology and equipment for producing collagen-based nanofibrillary structures for resorbable wound dressings

As a result of project completion, the company’s research infrastructure in the field of collagen, collagen forms, and collagen-based products will be enriched with a novel demonstrative prototype meeting the imposed requirements for the shift to the TRL5 level. Based on the results of the technical and economical analyses performd on the prototype operated at micro-pilot level, the S.C. Sanimed International Impex S.R.L. company will consider the scaling-up feasibility and opportunity, i.e. self-producing / purchasing an industrial electrospinning system, intended for the manufacture of micro- / nano-filamentay and bioresorbable dressings, starting from specifically formulated atelocollagen-based mixtures.
During the project activities concerning the prototype building and framework technology elaboration, the project partners will jointly conceive the corresponding technical documentation and some scientific works on the electrospinning subject.